Bugs & Beer at theNAT

On Wednesday, May 1 the San Diego Natural History Museum will host a night at the museum titled, Bugs & Beer: A True Test of Your Taste Buds. TheNAT is using this 21+ event to promote their new insect-focused exhibit, Dr. Entomo's Palace of Wonders. As a vegetarian, I won't be taking them up on their offer to try some edible insects, but the event still sounds fun. Each $25 ticket includes tastings from some local breweries - Stone, Green Flash, Karl Strauss, and The Lost Abbey - and a chance to hear from the museum's Curator of Entomology, Dr. Michael Wall.

Last month, I took advantage of Balboa Park Resident Free Tuesday and went to see Dr. Entomo's first hand. I'll be honest, I'm less than crazy about insects. I will fake my enthusiasm for insects in the classroom and I won't hurt or kill them on purpose, but otherwise I steer clear of them. So you can imagine how I feel about this type of exhibit. And I know you're not surprised to hear that my favorite part was the collection of dead insects. The variety of colors was incredible. The subtle differences in the butterflies was fascinating. Pardon me for doing this to you, but this one below was called a "toe-biter" and it was the size of my THUMB. Absolutely terrifying.

For more information on Bugs & Beer, head to theNAT's website.