How to Thank a Teacher

It is nearing the end of the school year and some of you may be wondering how to thank your child's teacher. Several blogs have offered their recommendations, including this post by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom and this post on The Neighborhood.

See, as a teacher I'm a bit biased. I think some of these ideas are better than others. But I love The Neighborhood's suggestion to write your child's teacher a note. Just a short, simple note telling that teacher how much you appreciated something they did for your child this year is enough. It really is that simple. Tokens of appreciation like gift cards or small gifts will certainly be appreciated, but they aren't necessary. A five dollar gift card to a coffee shop with a thoughtful note is a great gift.

So this year, consider taking The Neighborhood's advice a write your child's teacher a note on the last day of school. 

And if you decide to also give that teacher a gift, please don't buy them anything apple related.

Please, promise me you won't.