Off to the San Diego Zoo

If you haven't been to the San Diego Zoo, you should go. I know it's expensive. But here's why I think you should go anyway, with or without kids:

1. San Diego is surprisingly hilly. The Zoo is filled with hills and canyons and trees, which makes for a great workout.

2. You will learn something or see something or remember something you learned when you were little but have since forgotten. For example, camels have eyelids they can shut, but still see through. This comes in handy when they are caravanning through the desert.

3. The animals are incredible/delightful/fascinating. Seeing them in person is so much better than watching them on TV. Meerkat Manor does not do meerkats justice. They are even more charming in person.

4. They have a baby panda! (Just in case you missed the news, a baby panda was born at the Zoo about 10 months ago. His name is Xiao Liwu. He is the 6th baby panda to be born at the San Diego Zoo.  This is no small feat, folks.) Besides, there is just something about pandas. And hippos. And polar bears. And meerkats.

5. The San Diego Zoo is consistently ranked as one of (if not the) best zoos in the world and it is practically in our backyard.

Together these things make for the loveliest of days. I have been twice now, once with and once without kids. It is equally fun both ways. But! With or without kids, bring snacks.

So please, take my advice and go.

And when you do, don't forget to bring snacks.