Closing Soon: Make Your Own Kind of Music at Mingei International

And I'm back!

Did you miss me, San Diego?

Over the next couple of months, I'll be sprinkling in some museums from my travels on the East Coast; but today I'd like to talk about an exhibit right here in Balboa Park.

Make Your Own Kind of Music, an exhibit at Mingei International Museum, features exotic instruments from all over the globe. As my parents will tell you, I liked to sing as a child. (I get that from my mother.) And I think I was the kind of kid who would have appreciated an exhibit like Make Your Own Kind of Music. In fact, I can see my four-year-old self rocking out to the sound of these Gamelan Gongs down in front...

And to this oud...

Check out the back!

The Mingei has done a spectacular job laying out the exhibit in a very minimalistic way. This allows the craftsmanship of these instruments to truly shine. But my favorite part of the exhibit was that iPad below. Someone at the Museum has designed a very cool interactive supplement, which allows guests to hear what some of the instruments actually sound like. Now, don't be fooled by the instruments' wild or humble exteriors because you may be surprised by what you hear. (Hello, Yueqin Moon Guitar!) I spent at least 20 minutes listening to all of the different instruments. (Just in case you wanted to know, the Moon Guitar was my favorite.)

If you have a moment between now and July 28, take your four or five year old music lover to see this exhibit. Even better, this Sunday, July 21 is Family Sunday at the Museum and you can bring your whole clan for five dollars.  There will be fun and festivities and art projects abound that day.

For more information on Make Your Own Kind of Music at Mingei International, head here.

P.S. This post is dedicated by my parents and to my grandparents who let me sing my little heart out any time I wanted.