One Post, Three Exhibits

This week we're talking about three cool exhibitions right here in San Diego.

Number One is Liza Lou: Color Field at MCASD Downtown.

The verdict: Worth a trip.

Here's a little background on the piece: Color Field is a giant, glimmering sculpture by artist Liza Lou. The piece is gridded. Each square in the grid is made up of a collection of a thin threads of wire and each wire holds nine tiny glass beads. It took Lou and her team three days to install the thing. (And MCASD invited folks to come watch the whole process!) It is difficult to capture the end result accurately in a photo; but the piece is really interesting, especially when you know how much work went into creating it. I only wish MCASD would let you walk around the piece. But they don't. You can only view it from one side, behind a rope, which is a little sad.

Remember, if you happen to be under 25, you can check out Color Field for free thanks to Qualcomm.

Number Two on the list is Struck by Modernism: C. Carl Jennings, California Artist-Blacksmith at Mingei International Museum. It's a blacksmith/metalworking show. Normally this type of exhibition would not be on the top of my list, but this show is raw and heavy (in a really tangible sense) and so unbelievably cool. I highly recommend seeing it. Struck by Modernism opens on Saturday. 

Number Three, BEERology at San Diego Museum of Man, is the wildcard of the bunch. I confess that I haven't actually seen this one because it isn't open yet. (Normally, I want to see something before I say something, but I am making an exception here.) From what I have heard/seen/read, in BEERology the Museum tracks the history of beer as only it can -- across both culture and time. We're talking thousands of years of beer history. This exhibition also opens this weekend.

So you know what this means, don't you? It means you should make the trip downtown this weekend to check out each of these exhibitions. On Saturday, you can head to Mingei and Museum of Man. And then on Sunday you can check out MCASD after a trip to Donut Bar on B to get a (vegan!) donut. Sprinkle in a little beach time and you've got a recipe for a good weekend.

Are you interested staying on top of new exhibitions and events happening near you? Most museums regularly share this kind of information through their social media sites. Click through to follow MCASD, Mingei, and Museum of Man on Twitter.