Shore Thing at MCASD

I'm excited to finally (FINALLY!) be heading to Shore Thing at MCASD.....

Next week.

Here's the deal: Every Thursday, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla keeps their doors open until 8:00pm. This is awesome for folks who work until 5 or later (like most people). You can peruse their collection. Purchase cocktails/beer from their open bar. Rock out to live music. Generally, just hang out and take it all in. And they'll just keep doing this right through Labor Day. Sounds fun, right?

Each week they have a special theme-related project. Like this one last week. Next week, they're hosting a yoga class.

I'm looking forward to seeing what's new at the Museum, this view, and food from the Puesto Food Truck.

Even better, on the third Thursday of the month, MCASD offers free admission to Shore Thing as part of their Free Third Thursdays. In August, that's the 15th. And tonight, Shore Thing is free to all KPBS members. You just have to show them your membership card. How about that?

So tell me, will I see you there?