In the Classroom: Our Thankful Tree

A few weeks ago, Tan of Squirrelly Minds posted a Thankful Tree project. Just a few days before, I had been mulling over some ideas for a thankful/gratitude project for my second grade class with my mom. I was tossing out ideas and she was fielding them. I thought about writing a thankful sentence on the board each day. My mom thought we should compose daily thankful haikus and promptly sent my several packages of magnetic letters. And then I came across Tan's post and a light went on. A classroom Thankful Tree.

For the entire month of November, we would work on our Thankful Tree, adding to it every two or three days. I sketched a tree, pieced the design together with some construction paper, and copied leaves. And slowly over the past few weeks, our tree has come to life. The students seem to really enjoy this project. And I'm encouraging them to think about everyday things they are grateful for. So far we've talked about friends, school supplies, our school library, water, family, and something about themselves that they are grateful for (this was the trickiest topic by far).

(By the way, why is 'great' spelled one way and 'grateful' spelled another? Who decides these rules anyway?) 

But back to the tree.

Going forward, any suggestions for me/us for this project? Should we stop at the end of the month? Should the project morph into something else? A giving tree, perhaps? And we could talk about things the students can give others this Holiday season?

Ooooh, I like where this is going already.