The Hidden Gem of Balboa Park: Mingei International Museum

Tucked away behind some (unruly) trees, hides the gem of Balboa Park, Mingei International Museum. I've spoken about it before and I'll definitely do it again. But today I want to talk about Mingei because it has some very cool exhibitions/events going on that you should know about. And if you have any interest in design, any interest at all, now is the time to go visit Mingei.

Please Be Seated is the latest exhibition to open at Mingei. More than just a chair show, the collection features pieces from across time and around the globe. As usual, the space has been expertly curated, this time by the Museum's Director, Rob Sidner. Fans of The Newsroom, take note: The exhibition includes an ACN chair. And it's Jeff Daniels' chair, no less. 

And let me quickly revisit another exhibition on view at Mingei, Struck by Modernism. It's a blacksmith show featuring the work of California Artist/Blacksmith C. Carl Jennings. If you haven't been to see this exhibition, it is certainly worth a trip. 

Go. Just trust me and go.

Then on Saturday, November 23, Mingei will host a Folk Art Studio as part of its Holiday Open House. Workshop guests will have the opportunity to create three homemade gifts based on the Museum's collection. On a personal note, my goal for this Holiday season is to make more things - gifts, ornaments, wrapping paper, etc. Getting into the Holiday spirit is important to me, but (inexplicably) every year Christmas Eve rolls around and I'm rushing to get gifts and I'm disappointed that haven't made a thing.  And don't even get me started on our tree-less Christmases of 2010, 2011, and 2012! So this year I'm committed to starting early. Mingei's Folk Art Studio sounds like just the thing I need and I'm really looking forward to it. The workshop costs just $20 for nonmembers. And for a three hour, hands-on class, it's a bargain. Even on a teacher's salary.

Finally, this Sunday is Family Sunday at Mingei. Entire families can go explore the Museum and get their craft on for just $5.

Interested in learning more about events and exhibitions at Mingei International? For info on the latest and greatest at the Museum, make sure to follow it on Twitter and Instagram and to like it on Facebook.

Image credit: Top photo by Katie Gardner for Mingei International Museum. Normally I use my own photos on this space, but I'm making an exception because it's a picture Katie took of me. I was (awkwardly) getting my model on in The Collectors' Gallery at Mingei. And that's the lovely Judith Ziegel right there with me. Judith graciously served as my stylist that day. By the way, can you believe that necklace???