The New Kid on the Block

There's a new kid on the block at Lux Art Institute in Encinitas. 

Starting today, Southern painter and sculptor Marcus Kenney will set up shop at LUX. And for the next five weeks, guests will have the opportunity to watch this artist create up close and personal.

And how often do you get to do that? Not so often. (Except, of course, at LUX!)

Visiting LUX has been on my list of places/spaces to check out for a very long time. As evidenced by the blurry photo above, technically I have been to LUX. I just haven't been inside for a proper look. However, the Museum's Studio Series with Marcus Kenney event on February 4 is seriously tempting. In the meantime, I will not-so-secretly wish that I was an 8- to 10-year old because then I could take part in this after school activity at LUX. It sounds awesome.

For a complete list of all Marcus Kenney-related events at LUX, head here.