Where Will You Go On Slow Art Day?

There are so many things I could talk about this week. There are loads of fun/cool/interesting post-worthy things happening in museums, especially in Southern California. But what I really want to talk about is Slow Art Day.

Indulge me in a little visualization exercise, will you? 

Fast forward almost a month from now. It's Saturday, April 12 and we are spending the day in a museum slowly looking at art. And you know we never do this. Usually, we whiz through museums looking for pieces of interest, things we can photograph, things we wish we could photograph. You know, rush rush rush. Anyway, this museum experience is different because it's Slow Art Day. So we aren't doing our "usual." We are doing opposite. We are spending a very long time looking at just a handful of pieces. We aren't up to our ears in technology. And it feels awesome. 

If this appeals to you, there are over 180 galleries and museums worldwide that have signed up to host events for Slow Art Day this year. You can even find one of these institutions in your area and sign up to participate ahead of time. LACMA, Laguna Art Museum, Lux Art Institute, and MOPA are just a handful of the options here in Southern California. But how fun would it be to go here or here or here?

I like to use events like this as an excuse to check out places I haven't visited before. But tell me, where will you go for Slow Art Day 2014?