The Who & The What at La Jolla Playhouse

"The theatre, the theatre, what's happened to the theatre?"
                                                                             - Danny Kaye, White Christmas

Have you been to La Jolla Playhouse lately? I hadn't been in ages. But last weekend my husband and I went to see The Who & The What, a new play from Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Ayad Akhtar. And I must say that Bernard White, who played the father, was fantastic.

This going-to-see-a-play thing was a new for us. I grew up watching musicals and I can probably sing/hum a song from any musical score, but I usually shy away from plays. However, a few weeks ago I came across an offer to check out The Who & The What which was too good to refuse and I jumped at the chance. Then I tricked my husband into going with me and placated him with food trucks and beer. (By the way, I highly recommend the veggie burger from Green Truck, pictured above.)

The Who & The What closes this Sunday, March 9, so if you'd like to see it, now is the time. For more information on upcoming performances at La Jolla Playhouse, head here.

Speaking of shows, The Book of Mormon has arrived in Southern California! It's here now and it's heading here soon. Have you seen it? Will you see it?