Mass Creativity Day at The New Children's Museum

When was the last time you made something? When was the last time you drew something or built something or painted something? 

Besides "making" place cards for my sister's wedding using skills from this class, I honestly can't remember the last time I made something.

But! I'm hoping we all can remedy this situation on Saturday. Because this Saturday, June 28, The New Children's Museum will host its Second Annual Mass Creativity Day, a free, community celebration of all things creative and fun. And this year's event is food-themed. There will be ice cream sculpting, fabric pizza making, and painting and planting activities galore.

Sounds awesome, right?

Even if you can't make it to the Museum on Saturday, I hope you'll still participate (virtually). Where ever you are, I hope you'll commit to making something. (Anything!) And post your work somewhere (Instagram! Your refrigerator!) or share it with someone. 

Let's be massively creative this weekend.

Who's with me?