It's That Time of Year Again: Kids Free in October

It's that time of year again! Time for Kids Free in October in San Diego.

During the month of October, kids will receive free admission to participating museums all over San Diego County when an adult buys a ticket. This promotion will make visiting a museum much much much more manageable for families and that's why I'm talking about it this week.

(Climbing up onto my platform...)

Everyone knows that public schools have been a bit down on their luck lately. Not all schools, surely, but many of them. There simply isn't enough money to fund fun science experiments or pay for proper art teachers or buy enough soccer balls. Sure, we can all grumble about the state of public schooling and about the government or we can do something about it. Donating a little time or money or a few books or supplies to a local school will help. Concurrently, families can also start tapping into the arts and cultural opportunities available to us here in San Diego.

Here's how to start: Starting on Wednesday, for the next 31 days museums in San Diego County will be much more cost effective to visit. Adults can take up to two children per paid ticket to theNat and learn about dinosaurs first hand, then head to the library and a check out a book about something they saw. We can use this opportunity to peak kids' curiosity and show them that science isn't boring. And if dinosaurs aren't their thing, how about a family field trip to the Fleet Science Center. Or a trip to Mingei International Museum to learn about the art, history, and science of surf board design. 

No tests. No quizzes. Just exploring for the sake of exploring.

(Climbing down off my platform...)

There are over 30 museums, aquariums, zoos, gardens, and cultural organizations participating in this year's Kids Free in October promotion and this presents a truly awesome opportunity. We can go check out something we've never seen before. We can revisit an old favorite. Please, let's make time to do this. Schools can't shoulder the burden alone, which is why so many non-profits in San Diego County are here to help. We should take advantage of them.

I promise you, they like it.

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