I talk a lot about free opportunities to visit museums here. And if you stick with me, I will again later in this post. But first I wanted to talk about finding ways to support your local museums by paying for things when you can - like admission or special events or even buying things in the gift shop. I know you may know this, but just in case someone out there doesn't, I'm going to explain why. Museums are non-profit organizations, which means that although it may charge admission (sometimes a lot!), the museum puts all of its proceeds right back into the organization. Moreover, most non-profit organizations get the gross majority of their money from private donations. And because the economy is (still) hurting, non-profit organizations are also (still) hurting. So when you have the opportunity to check out a museum for free and you walk by one of those glass donation boxes, drop a few dollars in there. Or coins. Coins count. If you do, I believe some good karma will come your way.

Onward to the free stuff.

Next Monday, May 18 is Art Museum Day. I've spoken about Art Museum Day before, but as it is an annual thing, I'm going to talk about it again. On Art Museum Day, the Association of Art Museum Directors convinces museums across the country to offer free or reduced-price admission for one day. (Actual dates vary from institution to institution.) This year, some of my very favorite spaces are on the list and there are over 180 museums, galleries, and centers in all. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to check out two in one day.

Someday Walker Art Center, Noguchi Museum, and Crystal Bridges, I will come visit you. This year though, I'm staying local and heading to Laguna Art Museum to see it's Robert Henri's California exhibit. 

You have a few days to get your Art Museum Day game plan together. Ready, set, go.