Farewell, San Diego!

Oh San Diego, you've been good for me. You led me back to those museum-loving and community- connecting passions of mine, which had been dormant since oh, maybe college. Maybe even earlier. So thank you.

And this blog! I wouldn't have started a blog without you there to inspire me, San Diego. Thank you for that, too.

In just a few days, we will be hitting the road. We'll head from oh so sunny San Diego to oh so snowy Northern Michigan. But it's a good thing. A quality of life boost. An opportunity to be among trees again. I'm excited to get really, really domestic. I see a lot of canning and pickle-making and maybe some fruit trees in my future. And we'll be back, San Diego. I'm guessing you'll see us every year in February or March when we just. can't. take. the cold. anymore. We'll come back and bask in your sunshine.

I made a lot of really good friends here (and met some lovely acquaintances), more than I have anywhere else in Southern California. I am very grateful for that. I will miss all of you. But! If you ever find yourself anywhere near the state of Michigan, I hope you'll give me a call. We'll have a SUP waiting for you at the lake. Unless, of course, it's Winter (October - May). In which case, we'll have some shiny snow shoes for you to traipse around in.

I'm truly hoping to keep this little blog going in some capacity. There are museums and fun community-building things where we're going, but it's different there. (The town's population is under 1,000 in the Winter.) So this blog will probably morph and go domestic, rather than local. We'll have to see.

Goodbyes are so very sad so I'll just say see you later instead because I will.

The Museum Scout